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Edward H. Tarr

Edward Hankins Tarr was born June 15, 1936 in Connecticut, USA. He died in his home in Rheinfelden, Germany on March 24, 2020.

He was a student of two of the most respected orchestral trumpeters: Roger Voisin, 
(Boston Symphony Orchestra) and Adolph Herseth (Chicago Symphony Orchestra)

Tarr is an internationally known trumpet artist and a musicologist. He did his musicology study at the University of Basel (1959-1964) with Prof. Leo Schrade.

Tarr has been a pioneer in the revival of Baroque and Romantic era trumpet performance practice.

His book, The Trumpet (edition: Mainz, Schott, 1994), is the standard work in its field. The 4th revised edition (2005) is now available, and contains - for the first time - a very interesting CD. The book was first published in 1977 but has been revised several times since then.

News: February, 2009 - finally, a new enlarged and revised version of The Trumpet is published in english!

Edward Tarr was the first director of the Trumpet Museum in Bad Säckingen, Germany

Walter Roth has helped me provide a discography.

Edward Tarr and his wife, Irmtraud Tarr, have their own webpage, tarr-online.de