Artists and personalities
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Gottfried Reiche
F. Dauverné
J. B. Arban
M. Arbuckle
Jules Levy
Merri Franquin
Herbert L. Clarke
Frank Simon
Max Schlossberg
Gustav Heim
Harry Glantz
Eduard Seifert
Walter Holy
Adolf Scherbaum
George Eskdale
George Swift
Don Smithers
Roger Delmotte
Philip Jones
Alan Stringer
Edward H. Tarr
H. Hardenberger
Palle Mikkelborg
Hans Gansch
Reinhold Friedrich
Jeanne Pocius
Claude Gordon
Eddie Lewis
Cat Anderson
Lew Soloff
Roy Stevens


This page

.. is a collection of trumpet artists and personalities.

It is difficult to classify people in such terms, but anyway here are some...