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Rafael Méndez

One of the greatest trumpeters of all time.

Rafael Méndez was born on March 26, 1906, in Jiquilpan, Michoacan, Mexico. He died in his Encino, California home, September 15, 1981.

The author:
In 1961, Rafael Méndez wrote a text book, Prelude to Brass Playing.

For a long, long time the book was out of print. But, in June 2004,  via David Peter Coppen (librarian at Eastman School of Music) I got this message:

I have recently been informed by Lola Kavonic, Manager of Business Affairs at the head office of publisher Carl Fischer, LLC that the book is due to be reissued by Carl Fischer within the year.

Go to the publisher, Carl Fischer Inc. !

Latest on the book (August 2004): It was Edward Gibney who wrote the book,
Méndez did some editing. 

In 1994 Summit Books published a biography called Magnificent Méndez

On film:
Méndez play trumpet in the motion picture Cowboy from 1958.

On video:

Méndez in Memory, a video presentation of the trumpet legend, taken from home films and various presentations.
You can order it from Summit


The composer:
Rafael composed and arranged many pieces through his career. Most of them was for his own performances (including trios for himself and his two twin sons, Ralph and Robert). The motivator:
Rafael believed music could play an influential part in childern's development. During the late 1950s and early 1960s, Rafael gave many clinics to bands all over USA. Thousands of young players met him and were thrilled by his charisma. If you was one of them, perhaps you would like to tell about your meeting? Links:
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