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Tunes and melodies

A lot of etudes and melodic exercises in books are in my opinion very boring. But folktunes that have been "filtered" through the years and centuries are often very beautiful and you get that important "inner song feeling" when playing them. In my practice, I like to play such tunes and melodies as a supplement to Concone and other quality melodic studies. 

If you have a composer program (and a soundcard) in your computer, you can download the MIDI-files, import them into the composer and play, transpose, and print it out.
If you have the NoteWorthy Composer, you can download the NWC-files.
To download MIDI and NWC, right-click the mouse and save it.

Listen to a great player
Hear how simple, but lyrical and beautiful, Chet Baker plays Blåmann, Blåmann

Folk tunes
Name Tune info MIDI NWC Print-image  PDF 
Bruremarsj frå Seljord Norwegian folk tune, wedding march mid nwc jpg pdf
Jeg lagde mig saa sildig Norwegian folk tune from Vågå mid nwc jpg pdf
Den bakvendte visa Norwegian folk tune with a very strange and weird text. mid nwc jpg pdf
Så du noko te kjerringa mi Norwegian folk tune (with some similarities with Byssan lull) mid nwc jpg pdf
Jag vet en dejlig rosa Swedish folk tune mid nwc jpg pdf
Mitt hjerte alltid vanker Swedish folk tune (Norwegian Christmas-song) mid nwc jpg pdf
Byssan lull Swedish/Norwegian folk tune mid nwc jpg pdf
Down by the Sunny Gardens Irish folk tune mid nwc jpg pdf
Londoderry air English folk tune mid nwc jpg pdf

Composed melodies
Name Composer MIDI NWC Print-image  PDF
Blåmann Anne Haavie mid nwc jpg pdf
Seterjentens søndag Ole Bull mid nwc jpg pdf

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