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Jeanne G. Pocius

She is one of the most amazing players 
I have ever heard!  She can play so delicately 
one moment that it can make you cry, then in 
the next moment, pop off a double C that will 
rip your head off!  Her sense of style and 
sensitivity to the music is almost unsurpassed. 
Her teaching is simply mind boggling.  What 
she did for my playing in three days is 
nowhere short of a miracleStanton Kramer 

Trumpeter Jeanne Gabriel Pocius is a freelance musician who lives, teaches and performs in the greater Boston, Massachusetts (USA) area.
Jeanne maintains a busy schedule of teaching, performing and cyber-consulting with trumpeters from all over the world, mostly through the Trumpet Players International Network (TPIN).
You can find for some of her advice posted to TPIN (my personal archive):

In desember 1998, I did an interview with Jeanne:

Ten years later, in 2008, we had a second interview - about her book
Jeanne has also given access to some of here teaching material: