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Bill Dishman paper
Hans Gansch
John Daniel's book
Mayes and Arban
Cassone's book
The Trumpet
Stomvi trumpets
Fides Instruments
Francisco Pérez
Hardenberger DVD
High Baroque
Turvat Kuntoon
20 Minute Warm-Up
Long tones
Hejnal Mariacki
Bel Canto for Brass
Rising Sun
Lesson with Callet
TTSS: Maurice André
Bahb und Freunde
The Breathing Gym
Bert's Basic Brass
Classical Concertos
Brass Tactics
Romantic Pictures
Guy Touvron
Buccina Cantorum
The buzzing book
Thompson seminar
Bell's Palsy
Charles Schlueter
.. embouchure
.. Pocketbook
Malte Burba
Brass Buzzer
DVD for trumpet,..
Concert Studies
Vera's story
Buzz with Thompson
John Wilbraham
Sergei Nakariakov
Book on Brownie
Tour de Force
Arnold Jacobs
"Buzzing in 1927"
Keyed Trumpet
The Cornett
Trumpet Tunes
Allen Vizzutti
Clinic with Shew
Mendez on CD
Mastering the Tuba
..playing the Horn
Phil Smith CD


This page
articles .. is a collection of articles and reviews. Some written for the The Norwegian Trumpet Forum's newsletter, "Schallstykket".